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2019 Lake Crowley Fishing Map Fishing and Mono Hunting, Public, Clubs and Ranches

 Lake Crowley Fishing Map and Fishing Report and Mono Hunting !

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  Opening weekend  at  Crowley Lake was a windy and cold one. Anglers took  2 to 3 fish each with  close to a third of all the  hooked ran over the 15-inch mark. The perch run up to around 3 pound  but mostly between 1 and 2  pounds.
The  also some no-limit action for  Sacramento perch all summer.  A  delicacy at the table, there is no limit at Crowley for Perch. Our fishing report indicates the  best fishing is in June and July, the most numerous of the fish  at Crowley are  rainbow, with a few native browns.
As our fishing map shows, the best spots are from the Green  Banks to Sandy Point, but still fishing from a boat is optimum in McGee Bay.  Trollers motoring from Chalk Cliffs to McGee Bay  is the ticket.
For fishermen  from shore  include Hilton Point and along the area from Leighton  Springs to Chalk Cliff. The same stretch can also be bait  fished from a boat, Riggs added. 
Bait fishermen use air- inflated nightcrawlers, red salmon  eggs, or Zeke’s Floatin‘ Bait. Zeke’s best baits seem to be Yellow and the  garlic, corn and original flavor. Baits should be on the  bottom,  weighed with sliding egg sinkers.  Needlefish are the most optimum  trolling lure, then flasher-and-‘crawler  combinations and Rapalas minnow imitations.
Our fishing report says you have get the lure fairly deep, around 10 to 15 feet, use  12- to 18-pound test leadcore line  and most importantly, troll slow.
Perch are caught with Maribou jigs, Go-Getters and Crappie  Busters, stick with white and yellow colors. 
Crowley has a number of special restrictions  effecting fish limits, season length and the use of  boats.  There‘s a seven-trout limit on the lake from the  opener until Aug. l. Then there’s a two-trout limit  with a minimum length of l8 inches and only artificial lures with a single barbless hook are  allowed from Aug. l through Nov.15, when the  lake closes until spring. There’s no limit on the  number of Sacramento perch that can be taken, but  remember the
barbless hook regulation after Aug.  l. 
Location: Crowley Lake,  lies  along Highway 395 about 30 miles north of Bishop
. As aour Fishing Map shows, its fairly big, about four  miles long and two miles across.  
From the general trout opener in April through  Aug. 1 there is a 5 trout limit. From Aug. 1 then closing on  Nov. 15 there is a 2 -trout limit, a minimum  of  18 inches, only with artificial lure with barbless hook requirement as  well.
Perch can be taken from the end of April through Nov. 15 but  remember the barbless hook requirement after Aug. 1.

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